Kushal Tandon Proposes to Gauhar Khan and Finally she confesses her Love

Kushal Tandon’s and Gauhar Khan’s proximity in Bigg Boss House is not unknown to the viewers. They have been together in their thick and thin inside the Bigg Boss House. Infact, Kushal once got dismissed from the house while standing up for Gauhar against Andy. While He was away Ejaz Khan seemed to have charmed Gauhar with his flirty cheap pick-up lines. Viewers once thought they might not call kushal back into the house due to his friction with the Host of the show, Salman Khan.

kushal gauhar love proposal

kushal gauhar love proposal

But against all odd’s, Kushal re-entered the Bigg Boss House. And not only that, he proposed to Gauhar Khan as well in today’s episode. While he had to do it as a part of a task given to him, where Kushal and Ejaz were supposed to Woo Gauhar, but Kushal being Kushal he declared that apart from the task he genuinely wants to express his love for Gauhar, and want’s to grow old with her. Gauhar was seen with tears in her eyes then. Later on, surprisingly Gauhar also confessed her love for Kushal and accepted his proposal.


Gauhar Kushal Date

Later in the night the two love birds were seen mingling in the garden area, discussing how they will carry out their relationship after coming out of the Bigg Boss House. Kushal also mentioned that he would “manaofy” Gauhar’s elder sister Nigaar. Hmmm.. some serious love story there.. or just another Bigg Boss stunt??? Keep thinking!! :)