Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan are the new Romantic Couple on Bigg Boss Season 7

BiggBoss house has always been famous for controversies, cat-fights and scripted love angle’s that provide the source of entertainment to the viewers no matter how much rigged these controversies are. This Season Bigg Boss 7 offers nothing new!! Earlier we have seen love-birds Ashmit- Veena romancing under the blanket while Sana Khan and Vishal Karwal going on a romantic dinner date inside the controversial house. This year it seems, the daily-soap hunk Kushal Tandon and Model/Actress Gauhar Khan have taken up the job of adding this romantic angle to the usual drama and cat-fights in the Bigg Boss House.

Kushal Gauhar Romance BiggBoss7

Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan- Just Friends

The relationship that started of with mere friendship seems to be heading in a different direction these days. The telly heart-throb Kushal Tandon, who shoot to fame after his portrayal of Virat singh Vadhera in t.v serial “Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai” seems to be hogging the lime-light in the Bigg Boss House. First by his antics of demanding for Glares, Hair-dryer and a Gym in the house, while he was serving his period in the “Jahanum”, later getting into fight with senior actor ‘Armaan Kholi’ for his lady-friend Gauhar. Gauhar Khan who is a famous Model, T.V Anchor, dancer and sister of Nigaar Khan is also a contestant in the Bigg Boss house and seems to be quite friendly with Kushal. Quite lately Gauhar too defended Kushal while he was in fight with Armaan..hmmm!!

Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon Romance on Bigg Boss 7

Gauhar and Kushal Tandon romance

Now it seems Kushal has taken his game a step further by full-fledgedly flirting or if I may say so ‘Romancing’ with Gauhar Khan, who in turn is responding very well. Well you have already seen both of them sticking together all the time, chitchatting and gossiping away from the other team mates, cutting vegetables together, Kushal giving his blanket to Gauhar and already seen the sparks fly in the air. Recently Kushal also tended to Gauhar while she cut her finger and tried to cure her wound by applying deodorant??? (Yes you hear that right!!)

Kushaal kises Gauhar Hand at Bigg Boss 7

Kushal attending Gauhar at Bigg Boss

The latest however, we hear is that Kushal has apparently expressed his feelings for Gauhar by asking for Gauhar in the Bigg Boss wishing Wall. Well, Bigg Boss had asked the contestants to wish for what they desire and then Bigg Boss would fulfill their wishes whichever possible. Every contestant asked for something or other ranging from Chicken to Coffee and Hot water, but our Charismatic Kushal makes a lovey dovey face and asks for Gauhar on the Wishing Wall, as if Gauhar is Bigg Boss’s daughter and Kushal has come to ask her hand as a wish. Who wouldn’t love this gesture?? Kushal did a great job of wooing not only Gauhar but tons of other Girls watching the show by this Charming gesture, Kushal you are sure to get tons of Vote from you female fans this Week!!!

Apparently when Kushal came and shared this with Gauhar, that he had wished for her on the Wishing Wall, Gauhar took it lightly and laughed it off. This it seems, did not go well with the Lover Boy, who was evidently irked by Gauhar not taking him seriously. Later in the night as the episode sums up we see Gauhar and Kushal outside on a bench, where Gauhar is seen ‘Manofying’ the “Rutha hua” Kushal.

asif Azim in Bigg Boss Kushan Gauhar love triangle

Asif Azim in Bigg Boss

Meanwhile Ace Model and Glamour Hottie Asif Azim has entered the Bigg Boss House. Asif knows Gauhar from outside of Bigg Boss and has already started to become the ‘Kabab mein Haddi’ in between the love birds Kushal and Gauhar. It is now to be seen, whether this handsome hunk creates a new angle to their story or changes the story altogather!! Wait and watch guys!! ;)

 Image Courtesy: IBN, Bollywoodlife